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We are now open Saturdays.

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We are now open Saturdays.

Winter Skin Problems? Pamper Your Skin During This Holiday Season!

With the beautiful scenery of winter also comes frigid, windy, dry air. Cold air can remove moisture from our skin and cause uncomfortable dry, cracked, itchy skin. Winter air can also worsen conditions like eczema, psoriasis, xerosis, and dandruff. However, there are simple solutions to these almost inevitable winter skin problems.

Moisturizing is key. It can be difficult to remember to carve out time for additional skin care during our busy holiday schedules. But a few extra minutes of care during your morning or nightly routine can help your skin remain healthy and smooth even during the long winter months. Be sure to apply moisturizers right after showering and try to keep scalding hot showers to a minimum (as they can dry skin out even more). Luke warm showers are ideal to keep skin healthy in the winter. Our personal favorite moisturizer is of course our FDL pure restorative moisturizer! This cream will nourish and restore your dry skin back to its optimal health.

And if you are looking for gifts this holiday season, skin moisturizers are a great option. And you’re just in time for our holiday raffle! Just enter your name in our office for your chance to win a basket of all our favorite FDL products. Your friends and family will have you to thank for their gorgeous healthy skin this winter!

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